Tom Hoffman writes:

As teachers and principals, we can keep blogs, but we can’t blog about many of the most important parts of our work. We can’t blog about students for obvious reasons. You notice that Chris can’t keep the kids out of his blog entirely, but wisely only refers directly only to graduates and sports teams. Like anyone working in a regular job, we can’t blog about our bosses or coworkers. Classroom teachers can’t publically admit in real time their fears and failures without having it thrown back in their face sooner or later by a parent, administrator or student.

And he’s right. I am still struggling with writing about students. Clearly, some of the most important stuff I deal with all day long isn’t reported on this blog. There are, I’d think, a fair number of the sort of rumination posts where someone could guess some of what is going on in school for me, but, yeah, it’s hard to use a blog as a full release for school stuff because there’s just so much you can’t write about.

The question for me always is, can we write about enough of our thoughts on schools to make blogging a useful and important tool for both ourselves and others in education. Is there enough we can share that blogging really is good for thinking about schools? (And granted, much of what I blog has nothing to do with Beacon in specific or schools in general, but hey, we’ve all got other interests.)

Thanks for an interesting post, Tom…