We’re starting to move with our blogs — and with Elgg — now… Our English teacher, Alexa Dunn has been doing an Odyssey blog project, and our Tech Coordinator Marcie Hull is teaching all the students to keep digital portfolios of their work. (And I’m realizing that I’m going to have to buy a much bigger server to hold all this stuff… we’re going to have terrabytes of files very soon.)

It’s exciting to see what’s happening, as now that we’ve gotten our feet wet, more and more teachers are looking to help the kids get their work online. We’ve got some Spanish 1 videos about to appear, we’re got a spoken word project, and once we get ProfCast on all the computers, the kids will be able to publish their PowerPoint presentations as m4p files with their voice explaining the project.

We’re going to do a school-wide reflection blog experiment through Advisory right before the Winter Break, and that should be a really interesting experience as we ask the kids to all look back on their first few months of SLA. I’m curious — what questions would you want a group of tech-savvy, first-class-ever ninth graders to answer as they take a look back on the whole of their initial experience? What questions would you want the teachers to answer?