Aug 21

Why is it…

… that every time I watch "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy," I feel the need to clean up my apartment afterwards? The dishes are now done, the last load of laundry is in the dryer… and should the Fab 5 drop over for a visit, the place looks pretty good. (Although, I think Thom would question why we have so much art work that isn’t up on the walls, but he can take that up with Kat.)

Aug 21

The Left Strikes Back…

Well yeah, I’m an unabashed lefty-liberal-progressive type. (What, you hadn’t figured that out from the rest of the site?) And yes, I’m still angry about the election of 2000, and yes, I was against the war. So there’s my bias…

But honestly, what I am perhaps most cheesed out about is the utter willingness of the right to lie, cheat, obfuscate, steal and do whatever else is necessary to win. It seems to me that for this administration, for Tom DeLay, for Fox News, for Ann Coulter and for much of the rabid right, it isn’t about the democratic process, it’s about the win. (And, in a moment of full disclosure, I’d accuse California governor Gray Davis of the same thing. Anyone who gives to an opponent in the other party’s primary because they think they can beat that guy more easily deserves whatever they get, but I digress.)

Aug 19


O.k. aging stinks. Aside from the whole "harder to keep weight off, less hair on the top of my head, more on my back" thing, I think the injury thing is starting to wear on me. I tore up my right ankle nine years ago, wasn’t insured, so I didn’t have surgery then. I’ve worn a lace-up brace ever since, and it’s served me well until recently. Now, my ankle gives out even after one summer league Ultimate game.

I played in the Summer League playoffs on Saturday, and my ankle was a wreck by the end, but ice and a jacuzzi seemed to work wonders until Monday when it just gave. Now I’m home, futzing with MT, sitting with an ice pack on the ankle (gotta love velcro ice pack holders) and just suffering through a serious case of cabin fever.


If any of my students are reading this, enjoy youth. And treat your body well.