Dec 01

McGraw Prize and What I Believe

[Kat asked me tonight if I do video blog entries, because as much as she and I talk about education, she said it always comes out differently when she hears me give a talk. I don’t v-log because I don’t want to do the post-production work that goes into a good v-log, but when other people have done that work for me….]

Back in September, the McGraw Foundation honored me with the McGraw Prize. It was an incredibly overwhelming night – one I didn’t write about at the time, because I really had no idea how to sum up how I felt. One of the most intense parts of the evening was having the opportunity to speak about the ideas we at SLA care most about to a room full of some of the most powerful people in education today.

The McGraw Foundation has made that speech (and the really lovely profile piece they did on me) public on YouTube, and in honor of Kat asking if I would do v-logs about what I believe, I’m posting it here.

(and the profile)

Mar 29

Two Quick (Online) Places To Find Me

In the past day, I’ve been fortunate enough to be featured in two video-chats. Thought I’d link to them here, if you want to see me talk about some of the stuff kicking around in my brain lately:

The Odyssey Initiative came to SLA this fall to talk to us. Here is the interview they did with me. (And it was featured by the US Department of Education in their Teaching Matters Newsblast! Wow!)

Chris Lehmann, Science Leadership Academy from Odyssey Initiative on Vimeo.

And yesterday, I took part in a really fun, spirited webinar called Inquiry: The Very First Step in the Process of Learning with which is part of the Digital Media and Learning Hub. Importantly, it was moderated by Elyse Eidman-Aadahl, Director of the National Writing Project, who is one of the amazing folks of the world.

Watch live streaming video from connectedlearningtv at

What was awesome about both of these experiences was that they were with really amazing organizations who are doing profoundly interesting and important work, and it was humbling and awesome that they wanted me to share what we’re up to at SLA with them.

More and more, I am becoming convinced that there are a lot of people who are pulling for a profoundly humanistic, deeply empowering, modern education for kids. It may not be the dominant paradigm in the country right now, but this movement is growing. Odyssey Initiative, DMLHub/ConnectedLearning and the National Writing Project are three important organizations in that movement. I’m honored that they wanted me to lend my voice to the chorus.