It’s that time of year again — time for EduCon proposals! 

We’re so excited to be hosting EduCon again at Science Leadership Academy! The conference will be January 25-27 (the weekend between the conference playoffs and the Super Bowl… even if it doesn’t look like the Eagles will be participating) and we’re thrilled with the proposals we’ve seen so far!

But we don’t have yours yet! 

Calls for proposals for sessions are due on November 1st. EduCon sessions are discursive, where people play with big ideas, build things, write things, do things. The idea is that the model of our sessions at the conference model the kind of learning that we want to see in our classrooms. 

If you’ve never been to EduCon, make this year the year you attend. If you’ve been and found the conversations powerful, make this the year you facilitate a conversation of your own. What’s that big pedagogical question you’ve been grappling with? How could you bring that question to a group of educators who are thinking through similar questions? What would a structured conversation around these ideas that would allow us to all go back to our classrooms with a new lens on these challenges look like?

Join us. Propose a conversation. Register. Be part of the #EduCon experience.