Jan 10

Bush In 30 Seconds

For those folks who haven’t seen this yet… MoveOn.org has sponsored an ad contest called Bush In 30 Seconds. The finalists have been picked… and we can vote for the Funniest, Best Youth and Best Animation.

My Picks:
Funniest: If Parents Acted Like Bush
Best Youth Market: Bring It On
Best Animated: What I’ve Been Up To (this was the toughest choice)
Best Overall:

  1. Imagine
  2. What Are We Teaching Our Children?
  3. Child’s Pay
  4. An Army of One
  5. Gone In Thirty Seconds

What were your picks?

Jan 10

The Land of the Free

Our country is in danger of losing everything it ever stood for.

The experiences of Maher Ahar should be an embarrassment to every American.

This is not what our country stands for.

This is not what we do in the name of freedom.

This is not something we can stand idly by and allow to happen.

The time has come to demand accountability from this government.

The time has come to demand more information from this government.

The time has long since come and gone to mobilize and take back our country.

Jan 06

Tug McGraw Passes Away


"1-2 count on Willie Wilson… the Tugger needs one more… one more…


The Phillies are the World Champions, the World Champions of baseball! It’s pandemonium at Veterans Stadium, 65,000 fans on their seat. This city has come together over a baseball team. The Phillies are the World Champions, this city knows it, and this city loves it."

Jan 04

Tom Hoffman’s Wish-List

Tom Hoffman has an edu-tech wish-list for 2004, and its an excellent list. (I personally love the first one — let’s get schools demanding control of their own data — and the fifth one — hey Six Apart, how about an educational version of MT that is tailored a bit more to school needs? Oh…and keep it free. Hm. Maybe I’m asking a bit much.)

But I’ll add a few more:

  • More school systems — especially New York City — understanding that schools are content-providers and let schools host their own services. Give more teachers and students and administrators email and web tools.
  • More understanding of how technology is a progressive educational tool. Let’s get more programs like blogging that encourage student writing, student creation, student-centered learning.
  • More university projects like Berklee Shares where universities share their knowledge with the general public (even if there’s a cost for the higher-level stuff.)
  • An increase in e-rate monies — and a change in its funding equation — so that schools can upgrade their hardware.
  • More school-business partnerships that are true partnerships, where the businesses aren’t just looking at the school as a possible target market.
  • More teachers and students and administrators blogging. Let’s read more about the experiences we all share in our schools.

Happy 2004 everyone!