Jan 20

Spaulding Gray Update

According to John Perry Barlow writes that Spaulding Gray’s last call was from the terminal of the Staten Island Ferry. Given that Gray’s last two suicide attempts were attempts to jump from bridges, it seems all too likely that he has committed suicide.

Barlow also wrote a rather personal and touching eulogy for Gray. It seems that the car accident he was in a few years ago really was the flash-point for many of the demons he had struggled with for years.

It just reminds us all… never take for granted a day of happiness… and always appreciate the people in our lives who touch our hearts. They are to be cherished.

Jan 20

Iowa Results

(a perfect grading break…)

I’m happy for several reasons:

1) I’ve liked Kerry’s stance on the issues from the beginning. He’s a smart, passionate man who has lived a life of principle.

2) Voter turnout was way up. Republican, Democrat, Green, Libertarian — I don’t care. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. Vote. This is America. Vote.

3) This is now a fascinating race. It’s my hope that if this stays interesting, we’ll have a real battle tested nominee… and hopefully, America tunes in… and gets involved.

Oh… and all those folks who say that Dean is done with are wrong. Dean can finish as low as third — maybe fourth — in New Hampshire and he’ll still be very much a factor. He’s still got the most money and the best organization. Clark is still finding his feet, and Kerry is broke.

He does need to find his message again, though. The last month has been about his supporters, not his ideas. And his speech tonight hurt him… and it gave huge ammunition to those folks who say he’s "too angry."

So… General Clark skipped Iowa when it looked like Dean had it wrapped up. That’s looking like bad strategy now. I think he needs a top three finish to prove he can win. Kerry needs a top three finish to get people to start giving him money. If Edwards goes to NH, he only has to finish above Leiberman to exceed expectations there, and anything above that is gravy.

Most importantly… Americans need to keep reading, keep voting… heck, keep blogging… and stay involved. I still think that, even if Dean doesn’t win, his gift to this country might be that he was the first candidate in a while to make everyday people feel like they could take part in the process and make a difference. I think that the high voter turnout in Iowa this year is at least in part because he made people listen.

Oh… and one other thing… I hope the President is watching… people are talking, arguing… and voting. It’s a long race, yes, but this is a race the Democrats can win.

Jan 16

Geek Teacher!!!

Setting new levels of teacher geek-dom, I’m sitting here IM-ing with a student while we go over revisions of her paper, each of us with a paper next to us, going through it paragraph by paragraph.

The next level is some sort of mark-up program, so that she can see my comments on an internet smart-board style thing, so I can stylus changes and a student sees them as it’s happening.

That’d be cool!

Jan 12

Philly ‘Tude

Atrios writes about Philadelphia as a 1st Class City with a Third Class Attitude. His definitions:

Places with 1st class attitudes – they know they’re the best, they don’t bother even worrying about the issue, and know everywhere else sucks.

2nd class attitudes – they desperately cling to the notion that they’re the best, and continually prove this wrong by desperately trying to convince everyone of that non-fact.

3rd class attitude – we suck, and we know it.

And that’s Philly. Stuck between NYC and DC, Philly has always had a bit of an inferiority complex about itself. But that’s a huge part of its charm. It’s got a gritty "Whaddayagonnado" kind of attitude that serves it pretty well.

I’ve lived in New York City for almost nine years now (yee gods), but Philly will always feel like home, too. It’s a great town.


Jan 11

Being a Sports Fan…

… means a little death every time you watch your team play. O.k. — being a Philadelphia sports fan means lots of little death every time you watch your team play. Watching this Eagles v. Packers game is torture. The Eagles cannot stop the run. McNabb is off his game. And yet, we’re still in it. We’re one big play away from a tie game.

I’ll just be here, trying not to throw up all game.

Update: Yaaaaaaaaaaaahooooooooooooooo!!! Hmmmm… Donovan Lehmann has a certain ring to it.