Some days, you have a decision to make… either plow through or go back to bed… and today tested that decision:

Here’s the first few hours of my day:

8:30 – wake up.
9:30 – leave the house to drop off dry-cleaning and then go to school.
9:33 – pull up to dry-cleaners on 181st… tear open front tire on a sewage grate.
9:33 – 9:45 – deal with drycleaning.
9:45 – 11:00 – get donut onto the car.
11:00 – 11:10 – go home, change out of very greasy pants.
11:10 – take off down West Side Hwy to Beacon
11:12 – notice that the key to the hub cap (very important and just about irreplacable part for the car) is still on the hood of the car. Begin driving 15 miles an hour in a hope not to shake it off the car.
11:13 – watch key fall off the car into oblivion.
11:14 – hit raised grate on the West Side Hwy. Listen to loud blow-out sound and try to keep control of the car.
11:15 – pull off the road and look at donut. See very little rubber left on it. See large dent in it. Decide donut is now a taco.
11:16 – call AAA.
11:40 – tow truck comes. I put my knapsack in cab of truck.
11:42 – tow truck tow mechanism breaks.
11:43 – tow truck guy calls for a new truck and drives away.
11:44 – I realize my knapsack is still in tow truck.
11:45 – I contemplate throwing myself into the Hudson River
11:46 – I remember I can swim, decide to just start laughing.
12:10 – Second tow truck comes.
12:25 – Second tow truck drops me off at my car guy’s shop.
12:55 – I arrive at Beacon.
12:56 – Steve says, "Hey there, King of the Road!"
12:57 – I decide that I like my job and don’t want to kill my boss. But it did take a moment of contemplation. ":-)"

As my sister said, "Chris… go home, lock the doors and hide under the covers, because the outside world seems out to get you today!"

For the record, the rest of the day went rather well… but sheesh, what a morning.